Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apologies and Thoughts

Master told me to do dishes. I didn't feel like doing them, so I basically kept talking until he was tired of asking. I thought I'd feel ...I don't know, done with it, but I wasn't. He went off to run an errand while I took a shower. I thought about it.

I was being rude. I did it because I didn't like him telling me what to do, and I was being lazy and bitchy. I want this dynamic - I can't just pick and choose when it happens.

I apologized, and did the dishes. It was a nice feeling to be done with it.

Also, in the shower, I realized a few things. I have a few different personalities.

1) A little girl, maybe around 7, who loves My Little Pony, the toys included, coloring, stuffed animals, and all that good stuff.

2) A 12 year old tomboy who is obsessed with Pokemon, getting dirty, and picking on people.

3) A 22 year old woman who is a slave.

4) A 22 year old woman who is dominant, and does things her way, or no way.
Tonight I feel like number 1.

1 comment:

  1. It was good of you to apologize. As a slave to another slave, I know how hard it is to always be obedient, and to be honest, nothing is perfect. People make mistakes, slaves and Master's alike. It sucks when we have to admit we are wrong, but at least you have a Master who, from what I can tell, is very forgiving and patient with you. =) Being obedient is definitely not always an easy task, no matter what it is.

    Just take pride in the fact that you fixed the problem before it got too out of hand and everything is okay. ^.^ <3

    Best wishes!