Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being A Slave

I'm having issues. I feel like I am a slave, but Master isn't really a....master, per say. I don't want any choices, but lately I've been having to deal with ALL the money issues, ALL the cleaning issues, ALL the food-buying issues, ALL the car issues...

I talked to Master last night. It put us in a bad mood, but we did get it sort of worked out. I told him what I wanted, how I felt, and how I didn't want to make him be something he's not. I choose him over any silly kink preference.

I want to do what he says, but he doesn't tell me to do anything. I feel... lost and confused most of the time. On the off chance that he does, he doesn't follow up on punishments or even positive reinforcements when I don't do them or do end up doing them.

I think we talked it out, though, so that's good. We shall see what Master and I end up as. In the end, though, our relationship will always be there, even if we don't get to play with our kinky sides.

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