Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Changes in kinks

How have your views changed since you first started exploring? 

I never thought I could be a 'slave' when I first started exploring BDSM. It took a long while (up until just a week or so ago!) that my views evolved enough to let me except myself as the slave I am.

I also never thought I'd like pain. Now that I've tried more things, I can see now that I do like pain. I just have to keep building my pain threshold to be able to take more.

My views on how open I am with things are different as well. When I first started, I was so shy, held back, etc. Now, anytime kink is mentioned, I can be social. I have no problem socializing in a kink setting, or having a kink conversation with anyone. It's the average conversation I suck at.

I love how I've grown as a person, and as a slave. Separately and together. I am so much happier with myself. I feel like I have found who I am, what is inside me.

I love being Master's slave.

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