Friday, January 13, 2012

Cooking; Daddy/littlegirl; Bowling

I am excited to make dinner for Master tonight. There are different things I can do:
  • Pasta
  • Tacos
  • Pizza
  • Tuna Mac & Cheese
The tuna has been in there for a while, so we should probably get rid of that. On the other hand, when things get low, that would be a good thing to keep as a backup in case we don't have money to get more food when we need it, which has been the case lately. Confused. Pick one for me?

The cashier, when we were getting food, accidentally put some Hello Kitty hair clips in our bags without ringing them up, so I got them for free. Master was joking how he wasn't sure we could do anything sexual with those in.

Then the discussion of him being a Daddydom came up - I think it freaked him out a little. He has the qualities as a 'daddy' and I have the qualities of a 'little (5-12)', we just don't use the termonology. I think it would make him uncomfortable.

I think he is realizing that he does have those qualities, though.

Master and I went bowling last night as our weekly date night. My high score is around 60. First round I got 37, the next one I got 84. Yay! Master beat me both times, 106 and 85. So close the second time round!

He still owes me a back rub ;)

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