Saturday, January 21, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Master and I were conversing on the way back from doing things today, and the thoughts on our past, present, and future 'adventures' came up.

I use the word 'adventures' basically as a way of saying 'life'. Life happens. I wanted to write down what I told Master, cause I think it's pretty damn smart, if I do say so myself.

**Past**: Before now. Things that happened before this very moment, before the moment you are spending reading these words.

**Present**: Right now. Things that are happening as you read each and every word, and each minute that goes by can be a 'present'.

**Future**: Anything that happens after this moment, the moment you are 'presently' in.

Can you change the past? Well, if you're a *timelord*, maybe, but apparently they aren't suppose to mess with their own timelines. That would cause time and space to collapse. Haven't you seen *The Wedding Of River Song*? I suggest you do, if you like Doctor Who. ;-)

Anyway, *NO YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE PAST*. It sucked. Maybe you made bad choices - yes, you're a moron, we got that. Maybe you hurt someone you loved, or got hurt by someone you love - yes, that is fucked up shit, and it *hurts like fucking hell*.

Do you want to be a moron in the present or the future? Do you want to hurt in the present or future?

If the answer is yes, then fine, do what you want. Don't change a thing. Blame everyone around you, and things will stay the same.

Yes, someone could have been the one to hurt you. Can you change them? *No*.  Someone could have convinced you to spend that money on something that bled you dry, and now you're going hungry cause all your money is gone. Can you get that money back by wishing? *No*.

**Step 1: Cry. Throw things. Say 'Fuck You!' as loud as you can were everyone can hear you.**
* Allow yourself to 'grieve' for anything that is bad that has happened. This can be for as long as you feel *necessary'.
* Once it's past that, it's time for step 2.

**Step 2: Think about what the fuck went wrong with yourself.**
* Don't go saying you're a loser - cause you aren't. You just made a mistake. What you really need to think about is what was the thing that happened that *helped* those bad things happen.
* Did you not research the investment of your money? Did you not listen to the ex-girlfriend who told you that he beat her (non-consensually for the kink crowd)? *Now, how can you change that?*

**Step 3: Stop playing the victim, and start being happy.**
* Let's say that you lost your money cause a slimy bastard convinced you to invest in something without researching. He was smooth, but in the end, it was ultimately you're decision. You are a moron - we get it, it happens, but you don't have to always been the trusting naive person. Next time, what do you do with this situation? *Research the bastard, investments, and anything else you can get your hands on*.
* Did a lying, cheating, abusive bastard hurt you? Yes, he did it. You didn't lead him on, you didn't say he could, he did it himself. How can you change you're ways of picking these jerks? Listen to the ex-girlfriend. Talk to him. *Research the signs of abuse*.
* What makes you happiest? What makes you think "*Wow, today is really a good day. I have this and this and this, and ...well, I fucking rock.*" It's okay if you can't do that all the time. It takes time. It's a good thing of you think that about 80% of the time.

**Additional Information:** It's okay to get help. If you feel you can't do it alone, there *has* to be people that can help. Don't lose hope.

-Brought to you by a manic episode of Lights, and Master being hard on himself for past decisions-

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