Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Master has given be permission to pursue a relationship with a female. I want to check out my 'top' side, like I've posted before, but really it would be nice to have a girlfriend, who can be my best friend and have some sort of a sexual relationship with, like I have with Master.

I've honestly forgotten the whole 'dating' type of thing. I spent a lot of time flirting and such online, so getting used to having Master and still searching is gonna take some time.

I'm not against it, obviously, it's just a change to get used to. I was a little bit worried that Master would want to be in on the relationship I want to find, and to share, but I honestly can't. At least, not yet. Maybe he can be dominant in a non-sexual way, but that isn't really his thing. He's a sexual person when it comes to that.

Anyway, that is my ramblings for the day :)

I really am wanting the collar that we are planning to get. I can't wait, it's noticeable, but not too noticeable.

ALSO Master got a blog. You can see it on my profile: Alpha Chronicles. He may need a bit of a 'suggestion' to get writing, but I know it will help at times when he is frustrated, or to help get his thoughts in order.

Master used to say that he wouldn't be able to write just his thoughts and such, but I disagree, and once he gets past that pride and stubbornness - he'll be great :)