Monday, January 2, 2012


Last Edited: 08/10/12

Code of Conduct
1. I will obey Master and complete given tasks in a timely manner.
2. If a task/chore is not completed, I will inform Master and accept the given discipline/punishment.
3. I will not think negatively of myself, or in a way that reflects negatively on myself as Masters slave.
4. I will use tact when speaking to those with whom I disagree with. This shows discipline as Masters slave.
5. Masters decision is final. To challenge it is disrespectful.
6. When asked for my opinion, I will state it with reasons.
7. I will stay motivated, as it will help Master stay motivated.
8. If I am having a problem I will inform Master immediately.

1. Make coffee
2. Make bed
3. Write three positive things about myself
4. Exercise*
5. Vacuum*
6. Post on blog*
7. Talk to Fetlife friends*
8. Be kneeling at foot of couch when Master gets home.*
9. Remain naked inside apartment
10. Shave and shower daily
11. Pick up dirty clothes
* Dependent on work schedule, still must be done, just at different time

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