Monday, January 30, 2012

Spelling It Out

It's still bugging me, so I figured I'd spell it out a little here about why I decided to stop trying to fit in with this group.
ya know for a person that "hates" the word "vanilla" so much you used it several times in that rabble. Kink has NOTHING to do with the lifestyle and its structure, anyone that believes that is not only a fool but shouldnt be in it. Its a structure of LIFE and how a person LIVES said life. I know plenty of "vanilla" people that are kinky as all hell. so maybe before you start spouting off and letting your fingers do the talking, maybe look a little deeper into what your talking about. Yes, I realize this post was about me and my postings on my cunt ex g/f the "vanilla bitch". Get over it. If anything I said here upset anyone. Ya know where to find me. Someone needs to control your actions and mouth. In no way shape or form do you act like a "slave" much less a submissive. Now everyone can be pissed at me for SAYING WHAT YOU ALL ARE THINKING! Its cool I rather enjoy it :D Peace Ya'll

If you read the beginning, you would see that I said I did that title for attention, then say I use the word myself. I meant the people who use it the way I described. It wasn't only about you - I've seen in the whole while I've been on here, way before I met you. I have even heard it at parties and such.

Fuck you, I do what I want, and what Master wants.

FUCK ME?????? you're damn lucky you dont belong to me, you'd wear a gag 24/7. You have to be the most disrespectful lil shit i think ive ever encountered in this lifestyle.

I'm the most respecful little shit you'll meet.

This is the conversation that I have been talking about. And I can post this, because I am not identifying the person at all :)

Anyway, he's kind of right about the slave part, but I am allowed to speak my mind. Master did his thing behind the scenes, and basically said:

MASTER: I respect your opinions, but the wording you are using is disrespectful to my slave. I allow her to have these opinions.

GUY: Let's get this straight - a slave has no rights, no opinions, no choices - CAUSE THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED THEM. She is a submissive, and she disrespects you daily.

MASTER: I see that is your opinion - I'm glad you have your opinions. My opinions? I allow my slave to have her own opinions. Now, kindly fuck off.

This is my I love Master.

I feel a little sad that we have decided not to go to the events the group this guy is in does. It's not this guy I've had issues with, either. I've had tuffs with other people, as well, but not to this extent.

Master said not to worry about him, or the group. There are other groups - although a few hours away - that I will definitely do better with.


  1. Wowww, that guy sounds like a jerk..."you don't act like a slave or a submissive"--I guess I missed out, because apparently, this guy made some kind of rulebook we're all supposed to follow that says what we can and can't do?

    How ridiculous...I would have told him (in response to his "if I owned you" comment) how lucky I was that he *didn't*...These one-true-wayers are just crazy...

    Good for your Master, though, for sticking up for you! I'm sorry the groups near you suck, but it definitely sounds like it's a problem with them, not you...


    1. He can have his opinions - I'm fine with him saying stupid shits, but he called me disrespecful, and insulting names. Now, that's just rude.

      The issue with the group is that they LIKE this guy, so indirectly, they won't get along with me... sad.

  2. This is one of the reasons why I can't seem to enjoy Fetlife in general. There are just too many people, in basically every group there is, claiming to hold the One Truth about BDSM, how slaves should act, etc. That's fine for them, but they really shouldn't be forcing their opinion on others. Single-mindedness like this is one of those things that can make me really angry.

    Anyway - I hope you can find a group you do fit in.

  3. Ugh. He's one of those "my way or the highway" Doms. I hate those kind. I'd rather be a bratty "submissive" in someone's eyes than stuff who I am in a box and pretend to suck up to every person who claims to be dominant. Besides, the only person who has the right to discipline and control you is your Master! Who the hell randomly disciplines someone's child or pet? A slave is the same thing. People should have the common courtesy to go to the Master if they have a problem with the slave. It's the Master's job to decide if the slave is behaving badly and punish them accordingly. Not some random schlub who thinks he has authority over everyone.

    Now I'm all grumpy. :/ Hang in there.