Friday, January 13, 2012

Writing A Book

I have been thinking of writing a book for a long while. I was thinking more of a 'memoir' type of thing. I just am not sure I can go into details about certain things (my rape, etc) because of the people involved.
  • Would it still be a memoir if I changed names and some scenes?
  • Could I change it enough to protect the identities, and still get my personal story out?
  • Am I too freaking young to even do such a thing?
  • Can I do a memoir when I can't remember things specifically from before I was 12?
I really want to do this...

1 comment:

  1. -Sure, you can write a memoir and change the names! To my knowledge, a lot of people do that, especially when the subject matter is heavy/dark/illegal, etc. Changing names doesn't make it less true. And no one says you have to go into explicit detail about anything you're uncomfortable with...

    -It depends on what you're wanting to "change". I'd think, as long as it's still basically the same story, that you'd be fine--if only parts of it are true, and the rest is mostly changed or fabricated, that's more of a fiction piece than a memoir...

    -Nope! Anybody of any age can write a memoir--you don't have to wait until you're old to do it

    -I think you still could. You'd have to still explain some of the basics (like being born and your family and where/how you lived), but, if you don't know specifics, I'm sure that's understandable, especially if the not-remembering is due to something traumatic. Don't just jump into being 12, though--still set up the story, you know?

    I hope that helps! Good luck with your memoir!