Saturday, February 11, 2012

Future Plans

Master has to make the decision to reenlist in the Army Reserves within the next month. If he did do it, he would try to do the full 20 years so he could have a for sure retirement type of thing. I don't know how long the contracts are, though.

The issues we talked about were 1) Getting into shape and 2) Missing out on family things.

1) This would have to be his doing. I can only say so much, but in the end, I can't pick him up and make his body move to do the exercise. He needs to pass the test to be able to move forward.

2) Right now, he doesn't see himself being deployed, so he won't miss out on too much.

He will be gone one weekend a month for drill, and that is hard because he has to take the car, and I have to deal with finding a way to get to and from work

(Which is an issue right now, actually)

I've thought about it, and although I'm anxious about him reenlisting, there are great pros for it. The extra money would be nice, and Master does love serving his country.

The decision is his now. I told him I would support him if he did. I think he will, honestly.

Also, I am looking forward to having a second slave in our family - that would really help if Master was deployed, or had to leave for longer than a weekend.

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