Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Don't Understand.

I got this just now from a person I have met once, and who is a respected member of the 'community' in the area.

seems to me... that there are strong, unnecessary, disrepectful terms used by the younger set these days.. and if you must write in such derogatory manners... i have to wonder WHAT the point is.. RESPECT is the foundation of the BDSM lifestyle.. BDSM and kink are 2 totally different aspects in my world and should not even be compared to the world outside the REALM that I choose as LIFESTYLE.. I might suggest that before going into an editorial which is so demeaning to oneself, the lifestyle and the lifestyles others choose,, one might think of the main point to come across....
Thank you lights, for proving my point on how disrespectful and self centered most of the younger generation truly is.. you start the disrespect with the FU to a well like and respected Dominant and then your young friends run to your defense.. If you want attention and acknowledgement, why not do it in a positive manner?
In the tradition of Old Guard and the BDSM Lifestyle... you have alot of learning to do... you are a relflection of your top... and right now, he's not looking so Dominant in my eyes.... You are out of control..
If I had posted and responded in the manner that you did, my Master would have taken me down more than a notch or two... You need to open your mine and clear your head.... being a submissive ( you are not at slave mentality yet) you need to take some lessons... for a slave or sub does not say what she wants to when she wants to...for she is truly disrespecting the one who owns her when she spouts off. Hellion should be taking steps to calm your disrespectful and wayward spirit...
Attention is best got when gotten in a positive way... remember that attention is not respect.. Attention is short lived ... the bonds of RESPECT stay with a person long after they have left this world...
I do not wish a defensive, disrespectful reply from you.. If anything is to be discussed, I will discuss with Hellion... and only him for you are not in a position to respond

I've done nothing wrong. I don't understand this - I have never gotten any flack about anything I've done (majorly) before coming here.

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