Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Master's Blog; Patience

Master updated his blog: Alpha Chronicles.

Master told me he wasn't sure what he 'wanted' in a second slave. I got upset. I mean, he said to 'go ahead and look', but then is all 'I have no idea what I want you to look for'.

We talked it out, though. Like we always do :)

I am gonna make a 'template' so he knows where to start - I mean, I figured writing down what he likes, dislikes, expects, and doesn't expect with a second slave is a good place, eh?

He said he just didn't know how to 'start', so I am helping him.

Sometimes, I honestly think that I am more 'mature' in this aspect of our relationship, and then I remember that he is still new, and doesn't know 'exactly' what he wants.

Everything is still new to him, and he's figuring out where to start, where to go, and where to stop.

I do love Master, and know we can figure this out.

Patience has 'never' been my virtue, lol.

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