Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pictures; Collar

The collar Master bought for me was a simple one - $5 at walmart. We don't have the money right now for a nice, good quality steel one. We hope to be able to get one from RingOfSteel.Net before the wedding.

As a matter of fact, Master said "We WILL have your collar before the wedding."

If things go as planned money-wise, we should be able to.

Anyway, the old collar. It made a green mark around my neck, so I had to take it off. I feel weird without it, but Master isn't sure if he wants to get a cheap one, or wait until we can get the steel one. We shall see what he decides tonight or tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our usual date night, so we may be able to get something then.

I've been frustrated with Master lately, and then I feel horrible for being frustrated. Then, I realize that it's normal to get frustrated, but I just need to find a better way to deal with those feelings.

I thought maybe I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the housework, and some other things, but then I realized something. I was just annoyed that he didn't take on some of the jobs.

I thought, "Whoa, I agreed to do what he says, and it's not like I do it every day." I maybe do household chores once or twice a week.

Yeah, I got over it.

I'm okay now :) I actually did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen without being asked as a "sorry" for him.

Oh, and  boob picture. It kind of makes my boobs look fake...


  1. Nice pictures! Your boobs look awesome! ^_^

    As for a temporary collar, maybe you could get a cheap, pet-like collar, or some other collar made out of fabric? You probably won't be able to wear it in the shower, but it won't leave your neck green, either.

    Or you could just wait. Being without a collar isn't fun, but I've been out of my permanent collar for about a year (just back into wearing a collar regularly) waiting couldn't hurt ^_^

  2. Very lovely breasts. A cheap leather collar may work better as it won't turn your neck green. good luck with getting the one you want.