Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures; Wedding; Collar; Sex

Master and I had a pretty good day. We got a lot of the things taken care of for our wedding. Cake is half paid for (the deposit is down :P), we got our wedding bands, my dress, his vest, and we also played dress up with it when we got home, followed by sex. More on that later :)

My collar should be here tomorrow. I am very, very excited. I think having the weight will remind me of my place, and will remind me to ask for things. I am using the word 'allow' more often, and I am feeling more comfortable with giving him control. Words play a big part in my brain.

The word 'slave' is very distinct to me. I love the thought of being a slave, but the action? It's way harder than I thought. After being alone so long, after just doing things my way, it's hard to go along with someone else's way.

With Master, it's not that he's doing anything 'wrong' (usually! lol), but it's that it seems so inefficient to my head. To him, he's doing it just fine. To me, he's going too slow, or not the right way, or doing things in the wrong order..

Gah. I'll get over it! I can do it! I love being his slave, though :) Love it.

The top picture of is my wedding dress and shoes. Next, is Master in his wedding 'get up' as he so affectionately called it on fetlife. The next picture is of me modeling the shoes. I was feeling shy, and was moving toward the bed to sit down. Master loved this picture, so we kept it, lol.

It let to sex in heels. Master commented afterward that he'd never fucked a woman in heels. I told him he can now mark it off his list. We found another thing that turns us both on!

Master has decided that the dog tag chain he has is perfect to use for me I like the pain (a little at a time), and I almost wasn't allowed to say 'stop'. He did, though, when I put my hand up. I think we are gonna have to use some sort of 'safeword' when we use that - I can only take so much at once. Maybe once we build up the pain, it won't be as bad.

This is all I have for today :-)


  1. Love the modeling pose. It suits you very nicely. I'm happy for you both and I wish you both happiness and best wishes. ^_^

    1. THanks. It was an accidental modeling lol

  2. Sorry, i did mean to comment have the most adorable smile! Congrats to both of you!