Sunday, March 25, 2012


First of all, thank you so much for commenting and looking at my journal. I love attention, and the fact thata lot of you are also sharing your lives (if just your relationship) through your journals. Thank you!

Master and I ordered my stealth collar from RingOfSteel.Net. I am hoping to wear it to our trip to see my family in Missouri. It's the 1/4 one. Maybe I can find a cute little pendant to wear that will match my dress for the wedding this summer! (Just less than 3 months.)

Master posted on his blog about thinking about new rules and protocols - he hasn't mentioned what he's been thinking to me, but I am actually really excited. I want more rules and protocols. I want to push my limits, and get into the habit of obeying, and accepting the fact that I am a slave.

I love the idea of being a slave, and when I actually obey with no questions, and get pushed into facing my fears and limits, I love it. I feel so much like myself. He is not very 'forceful'. He is very laid back, which I love, but I want more 'domination', more 'control' taken from me then what he does take from me.

We, of course, have talked about it. We discuss our relationship, good and bad, on a regular basis. It's a simple rule for me - be honest, no matter what. It's rather easy, as well.

So. Here is more pictures :)

After sex. Me, coming down from sub space. Him, with the bite on his neck from me.


  1. It warms my heart to know that you are actually LOOKING FORWARD to more rules. I would be glad to hear about some of the rules that your Master. :)

    Kitten's Master

    1. Thanks :) Master hasn't mentioned them again so.. I will find out when the collar comes in. I got probably a week or so :(

  2. i'm sorry i haven't gotten to your blog frequently, i'm bad about checking my blogspot updates...just wanted to thank you for all the nice comments you have left on mine....*hugs*

  3. I feel the same. Sir and I have talked about it, and I crave more control. So we've been drafting rules and goals for the past few days!