Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tattoo; New To Things; Girl

I got a tattoo :) M could mean 'master', but it is actually for my favorite band. I like not just their music, but how they do their music. They are so diverse, and try new things. They are laid back, and love their fans.

McFly is a pretty awesome band. Master has even gotten into them, which is really, super, exciting.

Always nice to share something I am passionate and in love with, eh?

I want to color it in, but not sure what else to put. I also want to add a bit more things to it. Maybe stars on the right (the right YOU see when you look at it in the picture). I also want to add a few little things around it - maybe a quarter sleeve.

I didn't cry, which I was really surprised. Master smiled and made me laugh while I was squeezing his hand. It hurt. Ouch! I was glad I got a Happy Meal and a MLP toy before that - helped my little side cope with the pain ;)

I also want to point out something - Master and I have only been M/s for just under 3 months. Master has never been in this type of relationship, and has only his 'fantasies' to really go on. He is really learning how to balance what he wants, and what he can have.

Myself, I have been in the 'scene' of BDSM and kink for almost a full year (my anniversary is soon!), and am still learning the different sides of myself, and balancing those.

Master and I have been in a relationship for almost 5 months (living with him, as well, for that amount of time). We have known each other for almost 9 months total - with the first 4 only online, through fetlife, skype, yahoo, and email. Text and phone calls were there, as well.

I think people forget that we are still 'new', and really should give us a benefit of the doubt. Advice is great, but saying 'yeah, you suck at this' isn't cool. If I suck at it, why not help me move along to where I don't suck?

I deal with this in the real world, as well. It's a pain in the ass.

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