Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anxiety, Depression, oh look!

I am officially on medication for anxiety and depression. I think because of my income and such, I don't have to pay for it. That is a huge relief. I can also get free counseling if I am comfortable with a male intern. I think I will take it. The psychiatrist said that my loss of memory of my childhood could be trauma, and we agreed it's best if I deal with them, even if it's hard.

I am to take Gabapentin three times a day, and Seroquel XR at night a few hours before I go to bed.

Master isn't a big fan of going to counseling and such for himself, but I'm glad he supports me. I'm going to ask if he could help me keep track of me taking my medicine, and if he can keep me updated on any good or bad changes he sees.

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  1. *Hugs* hopefully between the medication and therapy you'll make good progress. Please remember that the first thing you try may not work for you...stick with it and make sure you talk to your doctor about any questions. i recommend looking up any new medication on a reputable site to make sure there aren't any interactions you should be aware of.

    i was once prescribed a drug for migraines that couldn't be taken with my psych meds, it pays to read up and check with your pharmacist if you have questions.

    Just a FYI - the Seroquel will probably make you very sleepy, don't take it and then drive.

    Wishing you the best!!!