Friday, April 6, 2012

Awkward Moments

I am such an awkward person when it comes to men, or people I find 'above me' in anyway. Today, at work, I bought a few things, and was walking back to the offices before I started my shift. i was eating some candy,and the leader on duty stopped me.

"So, that's a york peppermint patty. Where ya going?"
"Uh, well, the break room"
"No, I meant like in the commercials. it takes them to places...oh never mind"

Yeah, I didn't get that. I don't get those things. My mind is so literal. That's why I am so awkward and weird - I can't be UN literal with someone until about 9 months to a year of seeing a person on a fairly regular basis.
Thomas is the exception, but it is still taking time for me to get more open and laid back with him.
The whole 'above me' comment should be explained.

I see 'men' as 'above' me. They are stronger, bigger, 'in control' better... that's just how I see things. Of course, I know a lot of women who are the "Master", Thomas is to me.

Anyway, that explains that comment...

Especially men taller, scruffy, and in a 'manly' profession, and in shape.

I want to read some Harlequin Blaze novella. I especially love the "Uniformly Hot" serious. Yum. Military.
Damnit, now I'm horny.

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