Saturday, April 28, 2012

Collar Holding

I feel my hand go to my steel collar and just kind of hold onto it when I am feeling alone or anxious or something. It calms me. I mean, what the medicine can't do, lol.

Master is away at drill until tomorrow night, having been gone since Thursday night. Weird. And it's gonna go on for another 6 years. Not sure how I will make it through the two weeks of annual training in a new apartment. That's when we have to move.

I'm grateful he isn't deploying, though.


  1. I completely understand...I've always done the same thing, when I'm in a collar. And, even when I can't wear one all the time anymore, I find that I'll subconsciously put my hand on my throat, like I'm still looking for it...

  2. I tend to do the same, with collar, with necklace... Sir doesn't like me to fiddle with such things and its a hard habit to break!

  3. Also, my catchpa was "Lyghts", lol!