Sunday, April 1, 2012


I wore my collar to work yesterday. The only reason the LOD (leader on duty) commented on it, was because there were a handful of teenagers at the fitting room, and he was making sure they weren't doing anything 'bad', lol. Otherwise, there would have been no comment. It's small enough not to be noticeable, but big enough for me to feel it. I slept with it last night.

I put the 'rings' that came with it. They just slid on, kind of like the ring on a pet collar, but it moves more easily, lol. I asked to wear the ring portion everywhere but work, and Master said yes. We are at the laundry mat right now, and I have it on :-)

Somehow, we spilled coffee all over Master's white button up wedding shirt, so we sent it home with his dad (who was up this weekend) so his mom could try and get it out. It's decently cheap at target, but I still don't want to buy another one if we don't have to buy another one.

Bored, so, ask me 3 questions. I dare you. *squints a challenge*

1 comment:

  1. 1. Is it erotic to have a collar on?
    2. How do you feel when/if you take it off?
    3. How does you Master feel about polygamous relationships?