Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conversation at work today

I was hanging out during a big storm, where no one was in the store, at the fitting room. I was chatting with the person who was in charge, who is around my age. She asked what it was around my neck.There is another  woman wondering around, putting things away, and coming in and out during the conversation.

"Well... it's a collar." I said.

"Oh, a collar? Why are you wearing that?" she asks.

"It's a symbol of my relationship with my fiancee."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he's in charge of me." I say.


"Because I feel safe." I answer

"Does he have a collar?"

I giggled at this.

"No, that is now how it works in my relationship."

"Why?" she asks.

"He is in charge of pretty much everything." (My standard reply to explaining my relationship)

"Are you going to take it off after your wedding?" she asks.

"No, it stays in kind of forever."

"Is it part of your religion?"

"No, it's a symbol of our relationship."

"Cool. What is your relationship then?"

"Well, have you heard of BDSM? Kind of involves that, but kind of doesn't." I say.

She laughs. The other woman suddenly comes in.

"I'm gonna go put these awaaay."

The conversation just stops, as we started to get busy.

I like this woman - she's nice. :) The other woman, though, looked uncomfortable. My shift was up before I could apologize lol


  1. That is really funny, I have to admit. It reminds me of one of those Mastercard commercials:
    "The look on her face after you tell her about BDSM; priceless." ^_^

  2. I commend you for being so forthcoming. I couldn't do that. I don't wear a collar in daily life, but if I did, I would probably say that my boyfriend gave it to me, and allude to it being a nice piece of jewelry. I don't feel comfortable being so honest, lol.