Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 5 of 30

What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

I am going to repost what I wrote in a writing on fetlife. That would be my first kinky sexual experience. It was with someone other than Master.

He arrived about an hour after he texted me that he was on his way. I was nervous, but it usually does take that long, so I’m glad that nothing crazy happened like the other times we tried to plan something. He brought a backpack, which kind of gave me butterflies to see. I couldn’t sit still while he opened it.
He brought out some white rope. Rope is really … pretty. He wrapped the rope around my breasts and then my hands went behind my back. I’ve never had this before. Thought about it, masturbated to it, but it hadn’t happened. It’s a …. strange feeling not being able to use my hands. It wasn’t a bad feeling, though.
He took his time walking around me while I kind of just stood there. I’m shy, but really am an attention whore. I must admit I was getting breathless and kind of played with my fingers while I waited for what he was going to do. He licked and sucked on my nipples, slowly and it made me make tiny noises.
Somewhere around here he pulled my hair at the back of my head and tilted my head up to kiss him. He did this a few times through the evening. Kissing is my favorite thing to do. Add in a good hard hair pulling, and it’s amazing!
He fondled and squeezed my tits while he bit my neck, then I felt his hands move to my ass. I moved closer to his hands, but I don’t think I consciously did that. He kept his breath on my neck, starting with one side, as he caressed my ass.
The first hit made me jump, but it was soft. Well, in my opinion, anyway. He caressed my ass and spanked me a few more times, harder with each hit. He switched to the other cheek and side of my neck and did the same. By then I was squirming and wanting more.
There was also slapping of my clit and pussy, and that was a different feeling. I’ve never had anyone do that before. It hurts a bit more, but I’m sure it’s because it’s a pretty sensitive place. Not as sensitive as my breasts, though, so I am kind of glad that those weren’t hit… Although I wouldn’t object too much.
He took pictures around this time. I remember saying ‘I don’t like pictures of myself.’ He answered ‘Well, I do.’ Okay then.
He made me spread my legs as he stroked my pussy, which I didn’t realize was as wet as it was. Who knew touches, spankings, and a few bites could turn me on so much? He did the same after he lead me to the bed and made me bend over.
He pulled the rope at my back and told me to move to the floor. He walked around me again while he took of his clothes. I had never sucked cock without my hands, so it was …. interesting. I can’t do deep throat, but I did my best to try.
I must say, the cock piercings in my mouth is pretty awesome. I liked the way the metal felt along with the skin of his cock. When I first did this, I was worried about doing something wrong because of the piercing, but not anymore. It makes me like sucking cock a lot more.
My hands were untied around here. My shoulders were a bit sore from my arms staying in that position for a while. My breasts stayed bound. I sat on the bed, cause my legs were tingling. The angle was a bit odd, but when I sit on the bed it works well.
I got to use my hands, which made it a lot more enjoyable for me. Not that my hands tied behind my back wasn’t amazing. I love to touch and feel the cock as my mouth works it.
I love the taste, and I’m sure the sounds I was making proved it.
Sir got the video out. It wasn’t like the pictures. It made me even more confident and made me get pleasure from it even more. I wasn’t ready to stop, but he gripped my hair, pulled, and told me to beg for his cock. I told him no, not because I’m a smartass (well, okay, kind of), but because I’ve never said those words. Usually at this point I just stand up, push my guy into the bed, and jump on top of him.
[Although, maybe I will do that next time, just to see what he does.]
He pulled my hair harder and told me again. I said it quietly. He told me to say it louder. I did, and apparently it wasn’t loud enough. I tried again, and evidently got it right. He helped me up and bent me over the side of my bed again.
He teased my pussy with his cock, and slowly entered me. I adjusted my legs so his piercing wouldn’t scratch (or at the very least push against) something that made it NOT feel good. Which is kind of hard because my legs are short and the angle is kind of weird. But it was done, and it felt pretty fucking awesome.
Throughout playing I try not to be too loud, as a habit, but once I have a cock in me, it seems to switch something and I’m loud. I whimper and moan and all that good stuff. I don’t even realize what I’m doing.
I lost track of how many times I came. A few little ones, and maybe one or two big ones. I don’t count, my mind is on other things when the time comes. (Ha, pun not intended) After that I wasn’t sure if I could still come, but after a few spankings, I found I could do it a few more times.
The video camera was on me pretty much the whole time with that, but I’m not entirely sure. He fucked me pretty hard and I liked it when he came inside me. Which was a lot. I was very sticky afterwards… Which kind of made it even better.
I cleaned up, and then we laid in the bed and talked for a while. My legs were still weak when I kissed and hugged him goodbye when he left.
I’d love to do it again, with even more pain. I didn’t like when his piercing in his cock hit something in a bad way, but with the right adjustments that doesn’t have to happen. And with more marks. I have some where the rope was around my breasts.

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  1. Love that anticipation. Rope is beautiful. We have some shiny white rope that is gorgeous, and it too comes out of *the backpack* dun dun dunnn (lol)