Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I came home early today from work. I couldn't focus on what I was doing, I felt weak and exhausted. Headache and sinus pain stuff.

I feel this all the time. I feel pathetic that I can barely make it through 5 hours of work, when someone my age should be A-OK with a 40 hours work week. Like Master.

It makes my depression worse knowing that.

I am going to the Women's Clinic tomorrow to at least make an appointment to talk about my birth control, and what options I have. I have no insurance, no money to even do that - but I know the WC does a sliding scale and payments.

It isn't just being here in Nebraska. I've felt myself getting weaker and weaker since last summer - that is why my job at the day care started to fall through. I didn't even enough *energy*.

I hope it's nothing horrible, and honestly just depression. I know I can deal with that.


  1. Unfortunately, I can relate >_<

    I've been having issues with my sinuses since October, and nothing I've tried has seemed to help. I will point out, though, that sinus/allergy issues can really make you feel worn down and tired. It's very possible it could just be allergy problems and nothing worse than that.

    Hope you find something out soon, and that it's not anything serious. You'll have to keep us updated


  2. Good luck on dealing with your depression if that is what the problem is.


  3. I can relate I have bipolar and live with constant ups and downs. Good luck.