Saturday, April 7, 2012


I post a little bit on my livejournal about Master and my relationship. It's not as extensive as here, but it's a bit. My followers there have asked questions, so I answer them.

I was reading the list of blogs from my friends, and one of them said something about "hating it when people talk about d/s using words like 'control' and 'rough sex'."

I commented that about how I'm sorry if I offended her, and I'd love to hear her opinion, but it made me think.

Isn't D/s (or M/s in my case) about control, about who has the authority, be it a little or a lot?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Rough sex, I'd maybe understand--maybe that person has issues with the idea of a D/s dynamic being linked solely to sex or something...

    But control? That's a *huge* part of my relationship with my Master...I wouldn't even know how to begin describing our dynamic without using the word "control", I'm not sure what she was getting at there...

  2. D/s is about power exchange, and power = control, so... yeah. I don't know how you could go into such a thing with no expectations of control.

  3. I agree! Not all D/s or M/s HAS to be rough, or about rough sex. Things can be gentle, but way intense with a good connection. But this is a POWER exchange here. Who has control or power over whom. Its really difficult not to talk about control in this context!