Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Things!

  • Master takes my collar off at night, and puts it on in the morning. Each time he kisses me, says 'I love you, cherie', and I answer 'I love you, too, Master'.
I like the thought of wearing the collar even while sleeping, but the taking on and off of it, Master doing it, and me asking for it every day, helps keep our roles in mind.
  • I try to be 'below' him more. I have asked to sit on the couch, most of the time he says no. I sit on a pillow on the floor.
The act of me asking to sit on the couch, and him saying no, and me sitting on the floor is a great physical presence of our roles. He is Master, i am slave. He is above me.
  • Bed time at 10:30. He has been good at keeping me in line with it.
Bed time has helped me get a regular schedule, which really helps my anxiety and such. This is really just for me, but I like that he is firm with it, and he likes that he's firm with it.
Love it :)

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  1. I enjoy the ritual of putting on and taking off the collar as well. Sir purchased for me a separate sleeping collar, and we have a nightly ritual (when we're together; we live separately) of changing the daily collar for the sleep collar. Sometimes he just takes off the sleep collar when we're in bed, but I like the ritual, and hope that we'll keep to that more as well!