Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pictures & Thoughts

Master is coming home tonight. Really excited! I cleaned up the room, took out the trash, and will be doing a little load of laundry around lunchtime. It is only 9:44, so I am giving myself time to be lazy.

I have been kneeling at night by the bed for a few moments, about as long as it took him to take the collar off. It helped me calm down.

I've been anxious lately, taking two pills each dose instead of one. I think once I start counseling it may help.

I haven' taken pictures in a while, so here ya go! I had to sift through tons of them just to get few, so be nice :P

This is my clearanced My Little Pony: FiM fleece blanket I got at Target. It was the last on, and I had to get it. I took it with me to Missouri, and kept it on my lap. So soft and cuddly!

I was so tempted to get a few more pony things this weekend, but money is tight for me. Not for Master, because he got his bonus day early, but still. He may get me a new phone on Monday :) I am paying to be able to do certain things with my phone, but my phone won't let me. So, new phone, same price. Sweeeeeet.

I have been craving binding all day, so I did a quick one on my own. It's the ribbon from when I got my red pillows, the one Master found amusing to put on my collar. The scratches on my chest? No idea how they got there.

I hope Master still is going to get that pretty flogger we found with his extra money. That thing looked amazingly beautiful, and it was cheap!

We need to get better rope, as well...

I want to get a school girl skirt. I can't find them in my sizes at the typical stores you can look for them at. Lame - I sometimes hate my hips. The skirt in these last few pictures were too long. I want a skirt to wear around the house, to tease Master.

I isn't really into the school girl look - I think he's indifferent, but he says he's not 'indifferent' he just could go either way on them.

I think that's the same thing, but whatever, lol.

And, this picture was too good not to sure. I usually don't show my lady bits (I don't know a word to use for it!), but it was prettttyyyy.

Have a good day, guys!

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