Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Major Life Changes

Marriage: I am really nervous, and having the normal "is this really the best thing for me to do right now?" thoughts. I know it is, but... I mean, it's a major life change. I have to change my name, my tax papers, my ways of getting insurance, simple legal things that I really have no idea the impact until it happens..

Plus, more stuff with the Army Reserves, since he is under contract for another 6 years, and since I have no experience even indirectly with that stuff I really have no idea what is there and what isn't there. Whew!\


bites lip and worries about what hairstyle to have on her wedding day lol!


  1. The name change stuff is a pain at first, but over relatively quickly - so should not add to your worries, based on my experience...

    Normal to be nervous... not normal to be too crazy - it's supposed to be a good thing!

  2. i agree, the paperwork is just that, paperwork, easily done and long as you are sure about your love for your Master/Fiancée it is all good. i've been married for 27.5 years, it is a wonderful institution as long as you enter it knowing that there will be ups and downs at first, talk your way through and it is all good!

  3. You don't actually HAVE to change your name. You won't be any less married.

    I didn't. :)

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    2. Sorry, I see I didn't read your rules thoroughly enough. :)