Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Master's Blog; Other Things

Master wrote an entry that tells a bit what is going on in his head. I am super glad he wrote this. I understand how hard it is to verbally tell what is going on. I encourage him to write, as I do, to help. I'm glad he is taking my suggestions.

It makes me feel like I am helping him. I need to be able to help him.

I think things are going well, other than little depression things with both of us.

I have a therapy appointment tomorrow. If Master can't get off, I will let him know he doesn't have to go. We need the money, and if it goes against his needing to go to work to keep to his commitment, I can't stop him.

I'm a fixer. I have to fix and help with everything.

*adds that to the list of issues to discuss with therapist*

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  1. The link to your Master's blog didn't work :( i'm glad you two are communicating in whatever way works for you. :)