Saturday, May 12, 2012

Picture Day!

Master and I had a little spat on the way to Perkin's for a big breakfast before I went to work. It started out with me being upset that he didn't tell me about a really cool watch he bought, and went all the way to why he needs therapy as well as me.

Yeah, it wasn't good. I decided that it wasn't the best idea to leave it at that, and go to work, so Master allowed me to call in and take a personal day. I felt that we needed to spend some 'fun' time together - as we don't get to do that with weird work schedules and his drill weekends running close these last few weeks.

We went to a few museums, an antique place, and I think we may go The Avengers tonight. So, here are a few pictures :)

^^ Nebraska Museum of Art. These pictures were in the gallery called "Disorders". It said that all the art in there were made with people with some sort of mental "disorder", or their art was in 'disorder'. The first one spoke to me. It's how my head feels when I have an attack of whatever sort. The second one was just really, really creepy. That's all I remember, lol.^^

 ^^These were found in the antique store. I liked the first one, which is some sort of punch serving thing. We also find a wine set that we looove but is $110. Master found some cool old liquor holding bottles that we kind of wanted, as well. Maybe next time :) The second thing, the troll, was just weird and creepy lol^^

^^Firefighters Museum! Master wouldn't let me dress up, as they had a little corner for kids :) The first picture is of me sitting in the little second that played Smokey The Bear movie things.^^

^^Master's new watch :) Can't see, but it's a replica of a watch in the anime Full Metal Alchemist.^^

Yes, that's the one we fought over. *ahem* I think we are okay now.
He agreed to take the afternoon off on Wednesday to sit in with me during my counseling.
I have to be honest, I wish he would go for his problems. I know they would help...


  1. I'm glad you took some time to reconnect, and have some fun together.

    Regards therapy for Master, you cannot make someone go. You can wish they would, you can talk about it being an option, but you cannot force it upon someone.
    Concentrate on yourself :-)