Thursday, May 17, 2012


Holy crap, it's the 17th! I'm getting married in... well, a month! Literally! D: lol.

I am going into work at 5am tomorrow. I never do that. sighs I get a few hours of shift differential, so that is kind of cool :) Work 5 hours, and someone is giving me a ride.

Not this weekend, but next weekend is Kansas City! We have to be tight with money, from now on, because it's getting... well, tighter. Master's bonus is running out. Damn bills and car stuff! -shakes fist-

I want to see 21 Jump Street. MMMMMM Channing Tatum is so yummy. LOL!

Hm. What else. Oh! I think I made my last payment on my credit card debt! I have to chat with them, and make sure it goes through and everything, probably tomorrow afternoon.

Crap, there is a Wine and Jazz festival we wanted to go.. may not cause of money.

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