Thursday, May 3, 2012


Master wrote a response to my jealousy post. I still disagree with some of what he says, but whatever. Maybe some insight from you guys may help both of us.

Alpha Chronicles

My new phone is lovely. I got a smartphone, and it costs me $59 a month :) Super excited! I can use the internet on there on my break, play a few games, and text text text! AND I can send pictures from my phone to facebook, fetlife, and other places.

This is awesome.

Master got a few new toys. A wooden dowel he put electric tape around, and a rope that is a bit rough, but he wants to use it for pretty pictures. Eventually :P

We also ordered a flogger that will be here in a week or so! :)


  1. Just a thought, and i may have read the postings wrong so if so just disregard...

    It sounds more like you were feeling left out, if he's talking with someone about being a third in your relationship it could just be that you felt as though it was happening behind your back. If you truly think you'll be ok with a third i would suggest talking to your Sir about your need to be involved in the process, even if it was just an initial contact it obviously bothered you.

    Sorry, just my thoughts on it....

    Have a great day!

    1. Well, we agreed that he wasn't going to be a part of the relationship unless the girl wants him to be.

      I think i'm worried that girl might take him from me.

      So it's not HIM, it's the other person.


    2. I can't help but suspect that the girl you keep mentioning is me because of certain questions and comments made by both you and your Master while talking to me. I am not interested in taking anything from anyone... something I have said to both of you numerous times. I am starting to wonder if this friendship is worth the level of distrust I feel like I'm getting from both of you.

    3. I'm figurinh things out. I'm scared to have a friend, and when I'm facing that fear, I'm scared of someone who can open up better than me. Like master

      This is all me. Me me me

      Which is why I am starting therapy.

      I apologize. I am sorry. I promise to be more aware and find a proper coping mechanism.