Friday, May 18, 2012

Sex is nice.

I did anal without saying "it hurts!". I did whine, but ... it was weird. I did it without thinking. I mean, I let him do it without saying "Please, it hurts!" - that's a huge thing. Master loved it, I loved it cause he did..

And in the end? He came on my face. I kind of like it now. I mean, he knows it's the worse thing he could do (well, one of them, lol), and it shows his dominance toward me.

He said I keep challenging, while he was hitting me with the cane and flogger. I said I was, because I want him to tell me to shut up. Saying "Shut up, slave," would totally turn me in if we are in a sexual thing, like we were.\

Anyway, here are pictures!

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  1. I actually really enjoy begging that it hurts, and he seems to enjoy telling me he'll do it anyway, regardless of if it does or not.

    Yeah. While I need a bit more than "shut up, slave," I get you. :) "You're mine and I will do what I want with you - stop complaining," really gets me going. "You don't get to complain/say no" is also awesome.