Friday, June 22, 2012

Boring Update

Last post was about the wedding, I think? I didn't look before I went to this page to write this. Master and I have been busy! We found out that our lease is up at the end of July, instead of August. He has to leave on the 27th of July to go to his annual training, so we hope to move before then.

We found a cute apartment, made in a victorian house. It is 1.5 bedrooms - a cute little space perfect for a little office. Or kink room, he says, but he'd want a door, and it doesn't have one.. lol!

I have a little bit of pictures on my fetlife page, but nothing majorly new.

I have been talking to a couple that lives here - the girl does, but the Daddy lives in Wisconsin. He is moving here next year, they say. I like her, so far. Haven't met her in person - timing is so off! Well, it's only been a week since we got married XD

My name change is almost official!

Um, on the dynamic front?

I am obedient, I am finding, without realizing it. That's good. I am getting bored with the mundane-ness, the ... 'simple' days. I want some excitement! Then, I feel bad for telling Master. I love that I'm with him, but I';d love to.. well, do more stuff. More new stuff.

Oi, maybe I"m just... still young and getting used to the idea of settling down.

I am allowed a girlfriend, but... I want to be able to have a boyfriend. He is not ready to do that, I don't know if he will or not. I am not going to focus on it, though.

It isn't a huge matter. All that matters is that I find ways to make him happy, and make myself happy in doing that :)

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