Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom In Law Woes

This is pretty funny. Master's mom called me and left a message, saying she wanted to ask me something. I thought it was important so I called her back as soon as she could. Here is our conversation:

Mother-In-Law: So, I saw on your facebook a post about.. bisexual?

[What the status said: I am proud to be bisexual!]

Me: Yeah, it's Pride month all around the states and I wanted to show it, as well.

Mother-In-Law: Oh, cause I was thinking that.. your married now? So, it's your support?

Me: Well, yeah, and pride in being myself.

Mother-In-Law: Ah, supporting. Since you are my daughter in law I can ask you about this stuff now. (laughs)

Me: (laughs uncomfortably)

Little conversation, then she's done.

Wow. My bisexuality has nothing to do with me getting married. And how plain can my status be?

I hope this doesn't cause... stuff.

Oi. People.

Master and I got a new apartment! Well, we put the deposit on it. AND it has a small little 'L' shape room that is JUST too small for a second bedroom. I want to make it out libary/office/kinky room. Except we have no way to shut a door for company...

Oi, anyway, we are moving out the month of July :)


  1. That's why i have two Facebook profiles, i really don't want to get into a "i'm bisexual" discussion with my kids...they just really don't need to know that much about my sex life.

    Sounds like you handled it well with her.

  2. Yeah, this is why I don't post anything about my sexuality on FB. Too many family members who would be pissy with me, and too many of Masters family members who would probably be pissy with me as well, and try to get Master to break up with me.

    There is nothing wrong with being proud of who and what you are. ^.^