Monday, June 18, 2012

Oops, forgot one!

I forgot this picture :) We are sitting at our wedding table as we were eating dinner.

It was a bit crazy - Duh, right? The day was filled with people, starting at 8am. Did setting up rehearsal, setting up, and a quick lunch. I tried to include my family, but it .. didn't work. I suppose they were anti-social. It still made me feel sad - I wanted them to be include. Bah.

Anyway, the ceremony went off without a hitch, except Master stuttering a bit (lol) and me laughing a bit as I said some things.It was windy as we put up the little metal ... er.. what is it? A upside down "U" thing that we stood under. Anyway, we had to decorate it in about an hour and didn't know what we had.

I was so nervous but it turned out GREAT.

It was a 5 minute ceremony. No kidding. Yay, right? We had our food, cut our cake, and opened our presents. We were out of their b 8: 15.

We got mostly money, and a few things to put on our wall. Master's grandma had a 'doilie' (?) that said our last name, and that was pretty awesome. The biggest thing that almost made me cry, though, was the afghan my grandparents gave me from my Great Grandmother Lucille. She was my best friend, when I was a kid, and is the biggest devastation in my life when she died.

Funny, a little blanket made me cry, but nothing else did. I think what did it was the fact she had my name on it, and I never knew. Hm.

This weekend we nice! We mostly did Denver ComicCon, looking at vendors and bought some little stuff. You can see most of the things in the pictures :) We went to a Doctor Who Panel on Saturday night, and we did a little Doctor Who trivia on Sunday evening. We went out to eat a few times, and we also went to the Denver Flea Market, getting some stuff.

I got a hat!

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