Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party! Littles! Communication!

Master and I went to a party last night. It was a round table discussion of different topics - Newbie table, Switches, Puppies, Littles, Male Subs,... and then there were just other circles of random talk, lol. I sat at the little table, and had a wonderful time discussing and being involved in a tiny bit of age play. Involved int he fact that my head space was that of my 4 year old little. I played with stickers, and the Lead Little Talker brought a big castle to color.

That was lovely!

I decided yesterday that I want to explore my little more, as in role play. The most I have done anything lately was a few times playing with toys, coloring, discussing stuff. I have never role-played.

Master has said, during our discussion of this, that he has seen that I am a horrible slave when I am little. I think I need to have 'separate times' for that. We discussed how we could do that.

1) A littles group on fetlife specifically for my role playing time. Me as moderator, Master as moderator, and a female and male big as moderator. Maybe another little just to even things out.
2) Ask permission to role play sexually, even though that is very rare for me to feel that way. Most of the time it can be fixed by him sexing me up, in a way :P
3) Specific amount of time spent on my little group. One of his concerns is that I may be in that space more and more if I do this, and it may make our relationships harder.
  • 1 hour on the little group in a setting. (a few hours between each setting)
  • 2 hours on Internet in a setting. (a few hours between each setting)

I can't think of anything else specifically in our conversation. He is still thinking about it, and I just hope he says yes, because I have so many ideas for this group!

One thing we are good at, is communication. I am hoping we use this as I explore this. Master says he just doesn't... understand ... why there needs to be a 'little' side. I can't do much to explain it, so I hope he actually takes time to read the stuff that is available to him.

I feel that he hasn't taken the time or effort to do that, and I have suggested it before.


I can't make him do something he doesn't want to do. I just hope things work out better than they have. My little side is just... taking over when I really don't want it to.

Wish us luck!

Hope all is well with you guys :)

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