Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aspects of Myself

I was thinking (wouldn't it be lame if I didn't), and I wrote something on fetlife about this. Here it is, but with more detail.

There are so many aspects of myself.
  • A slave, which my training is getting better and better, who is learning to serve a good man.
  • A submissive, in a general sense, who likes to serve good people and make them happy
  • A gentle Domme, who hasn't had much practice, but would love to have a wonderful person serve her.
  • A little, who loves to giggle and play with her toys and share (a little) with her fellow sisters/brothers.
  • A teacher, who has a lot to teach new slaves who share her view.
  • A student, who has a lot to learn from the people she sees as wise.
  • A woman, who is beautifully flawed, and perfect imperfection.
So much is one small brain. Oi, sometimes it hurts inside that head, but there is one thing that keeps me going.
Now, there are a few that I have gotten to know pretty damn well. The slave part of me, obviously, with my role in Master's and my relationship. I have gotten to now the little side of me the last few months, and it had a few bumps and bruises, just like my slave part. 

I have found a way to balance those two things, and it is working great. I have little time, and Master knows how to deal with it better. I have learned that if I am a good little cherie, I get more good 'credits' and compliments and happy things as slave cherie. 

The teacher side of me? I have been speaking to a slave of a blog owner that reads this as I read his. It is mostly answer questions and talking through stuff that is in her head. I like it, and would like to use it more often. I feel I have a lot of things that can be taught.

The student in me is the part of me that knows that I will never know everything, but it's fun to get as much as possible! I use it all the time, with every part of me.

As a woman, I am learning things. There is one thing that I have learned. I accept all of myself. I love myself. And I am so glad I can share it with others.

I am starting to explore my Domme side. I see my slave role as just that -a  role. A part. I've been 'talked to' a few times on fetlife about how being a slave means I can't be owner of someone. I agree, actually. The thing that makes it work, though, is that Master allows this side of me to blossom.

My future s-type will understand that Master comes first. That is just how it is. I have the urge to give total control, and take total control. I dispise a little bit of both. With Master, I give all. With my future s-type, I will take it all.

Anyway, I wrote a little thing on fetlife about my Domme side. I am thinking of making another journal just for that part of me. I feel it is best to keep it separate :)

I will give you guys the link, and will post that 'Domme Cherie' writing I did there.

I love you guys, just saying :)

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