Friday, July 6, 2012

I am such a dork.

Okay. And they are gorgeous men, as well as brilliant musicians.

There is speculation. The news that McFly, my favorite band, is announcing may mean tour and dates and promotions and everything in AMERICA. Yes. Here. I may get to see them. 8 years. 8 freaking years of shaping my life, being my role models. Their music helped me decide to marry Thomas. To grow and learn and become who I am.

This is HUGE XD

My ipod shuffle is... well shuffling. And it's playing McFly back to back to back. It's a SIIIIGN!

I feel like a teenage girl lol

This totally belongs on my slave blog. Because.. er.  Because... I've fantasized of getting dominated by pretty much all of them (separately and together) at least once. LOL

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