Friday, July 6, 2012

Pack/Clan Theory

I asked Master to elaborate about his 'pack' that he wanted, and he did a good job. I didn't quite understand, so we talked about it. I am going to post what he wrote, and then my translation.
When I think of a pack, I think of An alpha couple, with other couples below them. Now D-type members of the couples are still above the s-type members of other couples, but they still must ask permission from a higher ranked D-type. Now, the ranking is usually determined by whichever couple first suggests, and then... I honestly haven't figured it all yet lol.
After we talked about it, this is what we figured it out as:
I think what you just told me goes a bit deeper than this. It's a clan, where the dominants are the council people, and it's kind of like a commune, but not the hippie kind. A family, the can or cannot be sexual. If the people included want to or not. Respect is needed - people need to ask the 'owner' of the person they want to play with. Um...I get this vision of a circle of D-types, sitting at a round table, and their slaves/subs sitting at their feet. This would probably be the biggest protocol - asking and sitting during a 'council meeting'.
This is why we rock together, lol.

Master is worried this won't work, because the D-types might not be willing to ..share or something or other. What do you think?

I think it could work great, we just need people who are willing to respect and care for OUR people, and who are open to sharing that mutual respect, and who are kind of high protocol for asking, and all that jazz.
Anyway, it's possible, but might be hard to start.

edited on 07/05/12 to add...

Master and I have talked more. After some comments on here, I'd like to add a few things about MY thoughts on it.

This isn't a club or part-time fun. This is a family, a 'brotherhood', a... I don't know, a place safe and secure, to love and be loved. Not in a sexual sense, although that may be okay if you want to. But, just to care for some people more than other people.

We would help each other, be there for each other. A family.

That is the best word to use for what I have in mind with it. I think Master has the same idea.

We don't have to live together or have sex with one another. Goodness. We also want to be friends, not just play partners or sexual partners.

If you can't share your mind, or your s-type's mind, then this may not be the best idea for you. That's all we ask, for this thing to work. Share your mind, share your love, and give it back to us.
Sexual things are just there if you want it.

edited on 07/06/12 to add...

Due to some misunderstandings... No, Master and I are NOT in charge of the group. A comment from a new friend is what I meant:
As I understand it, you are saying a group of Doms would do a council but the council would have no dominion over individual relationships, and if you wanted to use someone elses sub that would be between you and the D/s pairing.....Right? The council would primarily be for disagreements and generalized issues?
AND I love this suggestion:
My suggestion is to have a group within the group for the Subs/Bottoms/ Slaves and let them pick a representative or 2 for the council. That would give the S/B/S a back up avenue for in case there was abuse or something out of line happening. Breaches of contract, abuse of the relationship, concerns the S/B/S group may have exclusively.

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