Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stupid Tears, LOL

Happy tears! Master is so wonderful. If I didn't think so before, I do now!

First off, McFly is doing two shows in September, on in LA and one in NYC. I looked up the prices initially for NYC, and it was decent. I figured, hey I can do this! I texted Master a few things, he laughed and I told him to make me stop torturing myself!

He didn't. It was the biggest emotional sadism he has ever done.

We got home looked osme things up for the LA thing... and...My flight is book for LA. 9th-11th. DONE!

When he said yes, I had to go to the bathroom, and let myself start to slowly start to hyperventalate in there. I am too proud to do it intentionally in front of Master. He knew what I was doing and just laughed.

I am so happy. He was worried for a while about my safety of going alone of money, and everything. He knows how amazingly important this is to me. I mean, they aren't just a band! They are my role models, my 'shapers'... their music.. is everything to me.

He is trusting me to go alone, and I feel so grateful and appreciative.


Now I have to buy the hotel and actual concert tickets XD

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  1. Wow.. congrats, I hope the show is everything you expect and more.