Sunday, July 15, 2012

Well, so long ago!

Maybe not. Fetlife is down, so I gotta do something, so here I am :) I wonder if we finally pissed off the powers of the states for our kinky freedom website XD I hope not, I love fetlife and it's my FRIEND place.

Anyway, I got one hell of a sunburn last weekend. It blistered on Sunday. Monday I stayed home from work. It was sore all the way until Thursday. It started to scab so that my whole shoulder(s - both of them) were on big scab. Been putting lotion on them since then, and it's almost completely flaked off.

Eeewww I got it all over the bed.

I took off THIS weekend to go camping, but that didn't work out. Been so overwhelmed with work, getting sick from the sun, and not spending time with Master. We decided to spend time together today - we have been lounging in the living room playing our games, he made dinner while I cleaned the living room. Wen grocery shopping before that.

Oh, we also go to go to the park up the street for a picnic for lunch! I was excited about that. Honestly, that is pretty much like that 5th date we have ever been on. Weird, eh?

Nothing majorly 'slave' like happening. Serving him - getting him food, asking if he wants anything mostly.

Tomorrow he is getting a wisdom tooth pulled. He thinks it's only one cause they are just numbing him up, not putting him under. We think that because they said he doesn't have to 'fast' for the 24 hours before.

We got a friend to take him up and bring him back. I have the car. Master has decided that I should start driving again. But, that is for another blog. I may write it after this. This is long.

To the next blog post! pictures will be there of our picnic time :)

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