Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Events Scattered!

We forgot that Master's aunt, who took our wedding pictures, has her wedding this saturday. We RSVPed to a kink even three weeks ago that is on the same day. We have tried to work both in, but it's impossible. I don't want to go, and as bad as I feel to say it, I'd rather go to the kink event. I haven't gone in weeks, almost months.

The only option I see, though, is us going. Good thing is that there is another event on the 8th, which I'll be in Omaha anyway, cause I leave the next day to go to LA (19 days until I leave!). AND it's pirate themed :) I can wear my new high heel shoes! I need to find clothes to wear with it though :(

I am trying not to be too upset. Of course we will end up going to the wedding. 1) we are obligated with the fact that she took out pictures for FREE and we said we'd be there. and 2) it's cheaper than going to Omaha for the event on the same day, and we need to save money right now.

I just gotta suck it up, LOL

On another note, I have a sinus headache from hell.

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