Saturday, August 18, 2012

Re-Reading Rules

Re-reading my rules, I see I have only been doing half of the 'tasks' everyday since starting. Master hasn't said anything to me about it. I don't know what to think.

One part of me is like 'do it anyway maybe he'll notice it when you do it'. Another part of me says 'why should you do it if he doesn't notice you NOT doing it?"

The only way to figure this out is to talk to him. So, I will do that tonight. Meanwhile, I will try to get as much done today as I can before he gets home on 4 hours. Should be most of it XD

 Just a few pictures I've taken recently :)
The one of both of us was around the time he got back from training.

Master ordered this - I hope it fits :) It's pretty eh?

Okay, off to do the stuff I need to do :) <3


  1. I know that, when my Master leaves me chore lists and stuff for the day, He doesn't inspect my work, unless I ask Him to. If I mark if off the list, He'll probably assume that I finished it, without checking or noticing.

    That being said, I still won't mark things off the list unless I've actually finished them.

    Even if he doesn't notice, you should hold yourself accountable to the rules that he's set up for you. Obedience is following the rules, even when no one's watching...


  2. Its one of my issues with Sir. If you want me to do something, and I'm not, hold me accountable. It shows me that whatever it is isn't important if you don't care about it not getting done. Usually he'll realize because I'll say something or bring it up.

    Also. Corset. <3!