Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thank you...

Morgaine said:
Honey, you need to focus on keeping your house in order, little or is your job as a slave!
 This made me think about my last (written) post. My job as slave is to serve him. He has told me before to clean up the house while he is away. I even told him I'd do it as a surprise before he told me to do it! I've been thinking more about how much I miss him, how sad I am, that I forgot my job.

My place in this relationship is wife/slave first. [er, those things are interchangeable in our relationship]

Yes, I have kind of drawn away from the outside world, but I still am living in my own world, right? My safe place is still my house, and the fact that I have a husband/Master who shares it with me.

Today is a better 'mental' day than the last few days have been. I picked up the bedroom, and I am going to set an alarm to get off the computer/stop playing at 11AM and clean up the living room. It shouldn't take more than half an hour, so that's awesome.

If I set alarms and timers, I tend to be better. I think I am going to set another alarm for 2PM to do the dishes.

And maybe afterwards I will play with my new MLP toys :)

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  1. i didn't mean for that to sound as harsh as it did...what i meant was, if you focus your energy on a common task like that the time will fly by and not only will it be soon time for your Master to come home but he'll be very impressed with the work you've done!