Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ummm, yeah

The only thing in my live right now?

McFly. I'm sorry I haven't posted XD I got my tickets, and my little cherie is screaming with joy.

Master will be back in 8 days. That's awesome. I talk to him almost every night (there was one night I couldn't). He just laughed at how excited I am about the concert.

I've been thinking. I know now why I married him. I feel complete with him. I mean, I never really believe that. I always just brushed that type of thing off, but since he has been gone, I've felt 'different'. Like I was before I met him.

He makes me better, he makes me do more, and just having him support my teenager-ish obsession with McFly makes him an even better husband, let alone Master.

Not in a 'I'm not poly" type of complete, but a "I'm happy with him!" kind of complete. I feel there is a difference XD

I haven't read your blogs, but I am going to do that now before I go to work this afternoon.

Whew, lots of working lately. My hours are gonna be cut from 35 (give or take) a week, to about 15 (give or take) a week. Target does 'average hours' so, I need my average to stay before 25 to stay part time. Of course. XD

Later, lovers :)

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