Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well, it's official

I have a girl, and it's nice. I mean, I'm the type to blab about it to everyone, so hope she doesn't mind XD I am not going to be advertising it on Facebook, but everywhere else, sure XD She is lovely, we have been talking for about 2 months.

We chatted about it yesterday, and we like each other, want to be more than friends, and we decided to be friends AND more, so we are officially dating and even though she is in Maine, and I in Nebraska, we figure we will visit each other once we can afford it.

She asked how we would do this, and I said: organically. I mean, you can't just make something comfortable right? So I said we would communicate, if something was wrong and if it was going write, and do something about it. And be honest. I also said that this shouldn't stop her from 'seeing' people in her area, as long as I have a a place in her... whatever she wants to think of it, lol.

And, I truly do like her. I hope it works well, and I won't be thinking negatively. Well, trying not to XD

I also asked Master if, in the future, he would allow me to date other men. My 'poly brain' doesn't quite get his reasons but I understand them, so I don't push it too much. He said that it's 'hovering above the table'. He says that he knows what a woman has that he doesn't, but doesn't know what a man would have that he doesn't have.

I understand it. My brain, though, says no one can have everything a person wants. He says he doesn't think that way.

So for now, it is females, and I think I'm gonna stick with the two relationships I have going now.

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  1. What's next with you and your girl? I'm dying to know.