Saturday, September 8, 2012

I can't listen to McFly without feeling sick and wanting to cry. I think it's nerves and happiness, but it makes me go 'Whaaaaa?!' Tonight is the MWA event, I go to LA tomorrow, and my grandparents are sending me money to pay for cab fare. I said only $100, they basically said "Shut up, we are sending $200". I feel so bad :( But they know how to say no and would if thy couldn't/wouldn't do it.


I feel like this, though!

Super excited. Got my plans together, meeting up with McFly fans early, and rumor has it they are playing a new song! <3 Really excited about going to LA. I've always wanted to go, and can cross that off my bucket list. I may not do anything spectacular besides the show, but it still is awesome!

Master wants me to wear a short black dress with my high high-heels. I'm nervous about wearing it in public, cause it is short and I'm, well, fat, but Masater says it looks good on me, and the shoes and I can bring my flip flops. I am also bringing some coloring stuff and stickers for my 'little' friends.

Still nervous about the dress :(

Here is a picture from yesterday:

I didn't realize until AFTER I wrote it that it was permanent. I still have some of it on me, ha!

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  1. If the man says you look good in it, then rock the dress. :)