Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Caught a bit off guard...

Off guard in a good way. I wrote about the whole poly thing in my public/vanilla livejournal blog, and a commenter said that maybe Master was taking time because we had only been married for 4 months. It sunk in, and I was all "Whoa, you are right!" it feels like we've been married longer.

So, I was going to talk to Master about waiting, and to apologize for pushing it. Just as I was going to text him, from work, he texted me with a "Yes, to your question about finding a partner". I blinked and asked him if he was sure.

He wrote a writing on it, here, and explains why he said yes. I gotta say, I'm nervous, not cause he said yes, but because I am allowed to look for what I want to find. I'm scared and a feeling a bit new.

Master has been happier and a bit more 'up' since he told me yes. We even had really good sex that night. He asked me the night before about how I would feel if he dated someone. I said that I would feel a bit awkward, but I would get over it. I would only have negative feelings because of worry, not because I didn't trust or love him. And that I would learn to get over that, if he wanted to be in another relationship someone he truly liked.

We both have confidence in our bond and love. I think that is the best thing you can have when starting a poly type of relationship.


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