Thursday, October 18, 2012



WARNING: INCEST (18+ characters of course)





It's a Saturday night, and the wind is blowing lightly through the partially open window. The sun is just about down, enough that you need a little bit of light to see the papers and books on the desk. On one side of the room is a small bed, big enough for two people if they squished together. On the opposite side is a 5 drawer dresser with a small TV/DVD combo on top.

I sit in the squeaky chair, staring down at the stuff on the desk. I hate doing homework, and even just looking at it makes me groan. I sigh and pick up a pen, my notebook, and try to get comfortable. I read through some of the pages, taking notes.

I hear the door to my room squeak up, and look up. It's my brother, a few years older than me, looking a bit out of it. Concerned, I put my pen down and stand up. He sighs and plops down on my bed.
"What's up, Jason?" I asked, sitting next to him. I put my hand up on his neck, messaging it. He sighs again placing a hand on leg and leaning against me.

"I got fired. And got dumped. Awesome day, eh?" he said in his deep voice that made me stomach clench. I frowned and put my arms around him for a hug. He hugged me back, and snuggled his head against my neck.

"I'm sorry, love," I whispered, trying to think of way to make him feel better. My body tingled at his touch, and that thought of touching his naked body popped into my mind. Sex always made a guy happy, right? Jason pulled back and sent a small smile down at me.

"I know, babe," he said, kissing my forehead. I swallowed and lifted my head up, catching his lips in a quick kiss.

"I want to make you feel better," I said, kissing him again quickly. He blinked, a bit off guard, but didn't pull away. I gently bit his lip, and I felt his intake of breath. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and remember the last time we were wrapped like this.

The night of my 18th birthday, making out in the backyard, at night, and getting to third base. I remembered his fingers giving me an orgasm, and him biting my neck, making me almost lose control. I wish it had gone further, but he had left as quickly as I had orgasmed.

"I don't know if I can say no," he whispered, kissing me gently on the mouth. I opened my mouth, letting my tongue dance on his, and he gripped my hair. We kissed for a long time, and I felt his hand go under my shirt to play with my tits. He pinched my nipples, and I felt myself make my panties wet.

"Me, neither," I gasped, and moved to straddle his waist. He bent and nipped at my neck as we both worked at getting my shirt and bra off. He pulled back to stare at my breasts. I swallowed as his hot gaze looked. And looked. We froze when we heard a sound, and looked in each other's eyes.

"Mom is home," he whispered. I look at the closed door.

"It's late, mom's probably just getting back from her date and going to bed," I whispered back. Just in case, though, I got up, locked the door, and turned around to see Jason shucking his shirt and working at his pants. I felt just as rushed, and stripped as fast as I could.

We both stood there naked for a moment, and I practically jumped on him as we rolled onto the bed. I spread my legs for him, and felt his fingers stroking me. He leaned down and nipped at my nipples. I arched my back, wanting his cock in me. I moved and nipped his ears as I felt his cock rubbing against my wet pussy.

"You a virgin?" he asked.

"Nope, but tight as hell," I teased, moving my hips so his tip was inside me. He teased me with that only moving enough to play with the tip inside me. I moaned, bit his neck hard. He groaned, and pushed inside me. He thrust hard a few times, and then stopped. I was close to coming, and looked up at him.

"What was that for?: I asked, about the stopping. He kissed me to shut me up, and we both hard footsteps go back the bedroom. We froze, his lips lingering over mine, his cock deep in me. I came right there, all over his cock. He grinned, thrust hard again, and kissed me to cover my moan.

He moved slower, moving down and licking my nipples. I gripped his hair as he bit them. He thrust harder, making me come again for a second time. I bit my lip to keep from yelling out loud.
He pulled out, looking a bit crazed.

"I am going to cum, but I can't come in you. Can I come on your face?"

I nodded, breathing hard. He moved so he was on his knees, his cock hanging right about my face. I watched as he used his hand to pump at his cock, his head thrown back, and his other hand in my hair to hold me in the right place.

I felt so wet just watching, I put my hand at my pussy and starting playing with my clit. I moved my hand just so, and felt an orgasm coming on again. He pumped hard, his face tight, and I saw hot semen spurting out just as I came on my hand.

A little got into my mouth, but I licked up up and gasped as the wetness was all over my face. I whimpered a bit, as it felt a little weird. Jason groaned and stood still, on his knees, for a moment. He then look down at me.

"You look so beautiful with my come all over your face, sis," he grinned. I smiled a bit. "I'll clean you up."
He found a towel laying on the floor and helped me clean my face off. He kissed me after I was clean, and looked into my eyes.

"You always make me feel better," he whispered, kissing me again.


  1. Is it ok to say i didn't like your erotic writing....incest for me is a big no no, and even though you put up the appropriate warnings...i would have preferred to see it on a different page.