Monday, December 31, 2012

little bit now.

Master ... wow haven't called my husband that in a long time. I'm only using it here because I don't think I have used his or my name on here. Maybe. Not sure.

I have started a new fetlife profile. Starting over! I'm learning things, the past few months have been decent. I like dominance, but usually only with sex.

But, Thomas wants to try new things, or go back to the way things were. I seem to be more shy about sex now then I have ever been with him. I think fetlife will help a lot.

He posted about stuff in his blog -

His mother sent us a message on facebook, saying she was deleting us on facebook because of our 'bdsm lifestyle and blogs' and told the rest of their immediate family to do the same. It seems the only way she would know if she was snooping. Our blogs or not linked at all on facebook - we don't talk about BDSM or anything on there.

I can see her deleting me because of my LGBT and Gay Marriage and Atheism type of postings,

Just interesting.

Um, just an update :) I haven't read any of your blogs, the one I follow.


  1. Good for you! Just be you, and if others can't accept that, let them go.

  2. Just popping in to say Hi. I still think of you guys and wonder how you are doing!